Leisure time

The region around Nürtingen offers various options for leisure time activities. We would like to present a few of them to you


Nürtingen – The city of poets and thinkers with heartz

Discover what connects Friedrich Hölderlin, Peter Härtling and Harald Schmidt with Nürtingen and find out what else the city offers, here.


Castle Hohenneuffen and its cultural program

Castle Hohenneuffen is worth a hike! The beautiful ruin is a noteworthy excursion destination and there are cultural events and concerts within its dignified walls on a regular basis.


Prehistoric museum Hauff

You always wanted to know what the world looked like in prehistoric times? Find out at the exciting and insightful prehistoric museum Hauff.


SI-Centrum Stuttgart

High-class gastronomy, thermal springs, evening entertainment, cinema and world-famous musicals like “Dance of the Vampires” – you can find all of this in a single complex of buildings at the SI Centrum in Stuttgart.


Open-air museum Beuren

Original buildings from the middle of the region of the Neckar and the Swabian Alps as well as many interesting shows can be seen at the open-air museum in Beuren. Here, the rustic life of the past comes alive again.


Mercedes-Benz-Museum Stuttgart

Oldimers, technology, innovation. The Mercedes-Benz museum is the only museum in the world that offers a comprehensive overview of the almost 125 years of history of the automobile industry.


Thermal springs “Panoramatherme” Beuren

Relax at the foot of the Hohenneuffen. The “Panoramatherme” Neuffen is an attractive adventure pool and spa with modern facilities. The thermal springs offer a great variety of different pools, special showers, caves, saunas and a large outside area.


Zoological garden “Wilhelma” Stuttgart

Some over 150 years old plants can be found here: The zoological garden “Wilhelma” is situated in a landmarked 19th century park. It’s the perfect place to spend a day with the entire family.


Planetarium Stuttgart

Accompanied by “Zarathustra” by Strauss, the immense projectors elevate themselves from the ground and take you on a journey through the infinite space of the universe while you can sit in a comfortable recliner seat. The planetarium of Stuttgart is one of the most modern in the world.


Swabian Alps and its bicycle- and hiking trails

Cycling, Hiking, rock-climbing, nature, culture, castles and manor houses. Be it sports or relaxation you are looking for, the Swabian Alps offers to all its visitors the most beautiful excursions and exciting activities in a fantastic landscape.